How to order

Please select your desired product on www.sushionline.ge  Afterwards please add it to the Cart. Once you click button "continue", website will request registration. You can simply choose registering with your Facebook profile or Regular Registration. 

Afterwards you choose how you would like to pay for the order, you can pay online via your Visa/Mastercard card or on your address you can pay as cash as use pos-terminal for your Visa/Mastercard card.  Afterwards we will prepare your order and deliver it to your location. 


How long will it take to bring my order?

Delivery time depends  on size of order or your location, it should not take more than 50 minutes.


Why Sushi Online?

In Sushi Online each order is made individually for you, only after ordering, With the highest quality product an acceptable price, we hope to meet all your demands.

You can only order during work hours. We will continue working on Tuesday 12:00

Work Hours: 12:00 - 19:00


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